Hot Times, Summer in the City!

“Hot times, summer in the city”… A catchy song, yes, but also relates to my current summer historical adventures. Why? Because it’s hot outside? Now that would just be too obvious. Not to mention I’m living in Calgary at the moment and it never seems to be truly HOT here. Nothing on Ontario humidity, at least!

No, the connection is a little more hidden than that… It’s hot because I’m working at the Firefighter Museum of Calgary as a museum assistant. And fires are… HOT!

Fine, it would’ve fit better if I were talking about the weather, but my creativity is waning after a day of work.

I started work on May 6th and the past week has been a whirlwind of adventures! I’ve set up Instagram for the museum, re-started it’s twitter feed (and brainstormed ideas to keep it fresh!), worked on it’s open storage space, been to the opening of Fire Hall 40, programmed for the museum’s “Wee Wednesday’s” hour-long session on firefighting and fire safety, and moved a seemingly never-ending amount of things from one place to another… and sometimes back again. The days definitely fly by! So much so, I sometimes alllmostttt forget about lunch.

While the museum is small, it has a lot of potential for growth and is extremely interesting.

For example! Did you know firefighters used to find their masks too annoying to use in fires (they impaired vision and generally didn’t work very well!), so they would wet a sponge, put that in their mouths, and breathe through that… Crazy, right?! And that’s just the start of things I’ve learned so far.

Stay tuned here for more updates on my life in the fire department (and more about the things I’ve moved one place to another)!



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